If you have kids, CrossFit is a great program for them, they get to do fun stuff and get in great shape having the time of their life, and if they start young they are more likely to stick with an exercise routine in their adult life, so start have your young ones do push-ups, sit ups, make them run, do jumping jacks, swing off a monkey bar at the park, soon they’ll be doing pull-ups, and best of all do it with them, great bonding experience they’ll thank you later.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

Three rounds of an alternating ladder of:

Shoulder Press (95#/65#/35#)


Do 1 Shoulder Press and 1 Pull-up. Then, 2 Presses and 2 Pull-ups, and continue until you fail at either the Presses or the Pull-ups. Once you fail, run 400m. Repeat for three ladders.

If you finish quickly( can’t do that many pull-ups!) work on your CrossFit weakness


Dr. Sears web site many questions will be answered there about the Zone Diet, check it out

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  • Craig

    Great wod today, Luca.

    Did you all watch the Rings youtube that Jorgy posted a few days ago?? AWESOME! I used to casually observe those guys in the Olympics and never gave it much thought – now that I can’t even get a muscle up I have a new appreciation for the strength needed.

    Love the move toward the end where the guy flips into an iron cross with his feet on top of his f-ng hands! Awesome.

    The tights still have to go, however.

  • Luca Z.

    I know they make it look so easy, bastard!!!!

  • Luca Z.

    Carry’s going to smoke the competition at the games she’s getting stronger by the day and her drive and determination….

  • Carry

    Oh, you’re so nice….your encouragement helps and so did taping up my hands. thank you 🙂

  • Mike Erickson

    I think the ripped calluses are related to grip strength. You are hanging off the bar by the calluses adjacent to your fingers. Try gripping the bar with your fingers above the calluses, use a hook grip. Your grip will fatique and you may have to break sets up but afterwhile your grip will be much stronger and no more ripped calluses.

  • Craig

    Hmm. Interesting comment, Mike. This could be true with me – my grip strength has always been a weakness.

    Anyone else?

  • jorgy

    I think my problem is that i over rotate at the top of my pull up. i get calluses right in the middle of my hand. i have since revamped my pull up to a wider grip and a fingertip grip and i don’t have many problems. it works for me but i don’t know if it would work for anyone else.

  • Carry

    I feel the same way about my grip….if it was stronger, I could do more pull-ups & knees to elbows. I will try the hook grip but I’ve been getting rips on all parts of my hands….fingers, palm and the calluses below the fingers. I’m off to buy some more New Skin. I’ll be at the 6:00AM class tomorrow.

  • Luca Z.

    I like a more OPTesque grip it works for my hands better

  • Luca Z.

    Hooking the thumb puts a lot of strain on the tendon though

  • Stavros K

    Anyone want to run the 5k with me tomorrow?

  • Craig

    I ran yesterday – Shell Preserve. Stopped by the Shed at 4 to see if there were any takers. Tommy V today.

    Run Thu?

  • Mike Erickson

    Tues PM:
    Did the “Deck of Cards” wod. Time was 58m23s (I think). Brutal. I’m thinking “God, I really like the normal wods, like Helen…” Ironically I go home, click on Rob Wolf’s blog and find this:

    “The Hierarchical sets are very time efficient and a nice way to introduce some intensity without too much volume. On the CF side of training I tend to stick with couplets and triplets with an emphasis on shorter efforts. Most of our folks are lacking in strength and this is a great way to focus on fundamentals and help people get stronger. Many of the newer affiliates get enamored with chippers and hour long WOD’s…they are really missing the point of CF and blunting the potential adaptations.”