060814 Monday WESTSIDE!

West Coast and East Coast Unite!

Monday Morning workout was with http://www.crossfitnyc.org/ CrossFit’s New York Affiliate. One of the NYCF founders Josh Newman, shown below, graced us with his presence and showed this young affiliate how they do it on the East Coast.

CFNY_April05 newman copy.jpg

The master of getting kicked out of big box gyms ran the group through a workout with the rings:

3 rounds: 21 reps of each on the first round, then 15, then 9 on the last round (21-15-9).

Ring dips


Box Jumps

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  • josh

    Each time I visit another afilliate, I’m always pleasantly surprised to rediscover how warm and welcoming the CrossFit community is the world over.

    This morning’s workout was great, though, frankly, this whole 6am thing wouldn’t possibly fly in hangover-riddled NYC.

    Special commendation to Craig, who, his first time on a set of rings, showed ace form on dips, and on the skin-the-cat and ring pushup variations we played with for ‘dessert’.