060819 Saturday PUBLIC WORKOUT!

Larkey park and dcf smiley copy.jpg

Come get burned at Diablo CrossFit!

This Saturday Morning we will be running a group workout that is open to the public. To guaranty a spot, please contact us – If you would like to just stop by and see what we are all about, just show up!

Bring good workout shoes for grass, loose clothes, and water is usually a good idea.


Larkey Park

2771 Buena Vista Ave.

Walnut Creek, CA 94597

google map (click here)


0830 hrs


As many times as you can in 20 minutes, complete the circuit –

10 Push ups

15 squats

20 Sit ups with medicine ball

400m run

We look forward to seeing you Saturday.

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  • dan colson

    Congratulations on the new site, welcome to the community!

    Awesome site, really cool!

    Looks like you guys got it down, if you don’t mind I think we might borrow that banner quote.

  • J Jones

    The quote is from Will Carleton, Farm Ballads–Gone with a Handsomer Man, and you are welcome to use it!

    (I think we are going to change it to ‘get some’ instead of ‘have some’ in the future though).

  • CraigH

    Ok, I’m to start posting my workouts here ’cause I don’t stay on track with the CFit main page. I love the CFit wods but vary my workouts slightly to include a bit more running (I want to keep my speed in 10k’s) and to give me a bit more rest between power/oly lift days. I’ve found that I perform better with a little longer recovery period. My lame excuse: age…I’m 43 and muscle recovery seems to take a bit longer.

    Others who want to stay or get into running shape may find my w/o’s interesting.

    So, here goes, for anyone who may be interested,

    Wed 8-16 DCF in the park with Rob and Josh (CFNY):

    ** Max Rounds in 20 Mins: 10 Squat Jumps, 10 Pull Ups and 10 Knees to Elbows **

    7 sets + 10 p/u’s – ruined my grip. Rob tore calluses, so I don’t feel bad.

    Thu 8-17: 5 Rnds: 3 o/h bb squats & 3 bb squats

    Missed the CF o/h squat wod and I haven’t pushed the legs & hips in a while, so I concocted this nice mix.

    1. 135/225
    2. 145/275
    3. 155/295
    4. 155/305
    5. 145/315

    Fri 8-18: Run 6mi for time- 48’32” – About 80%, legs a bit fried from squats yesterday.


  • CraigH

    By the way, this is the best run distance measuring site I’ve seen so far: