060828 Monday

++Next Workout Scheduled for Wednesday, August 30th. 6am, Larkey Park.++


After warming up with a light jog and some Burgner Olympic PVC warm up, we ran through 4 rounds of

300m run

15 squats

10 push ups

5 bench dips

And yes; In true Diablo fashion, we started before the sun was up.

Post time to comments.

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  • CraigH

    We completed this in 10:20. Janice learned all about morning nausea aka, breakfast with pukie. We look forward to watching her progress over the next few weeks – with her balance skills, she’ll have no troubles learning the exercises.

    On Sunday, 8/27 I took on the CrossFit wod,

    Push Jerk: 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 as follows:

    165,175,175,185,175 x1

    Technique & fear are holding me back. Not enough “jerk” in my motion and too much fear of the drop. I look forward to testing myself again with a little more oly training. Feel like I should be comfortable with 225 or more.

  • J Jones


    I forgot to mention practicing more with the sticks. Getting the jerk down really amounted to two things for me:

    Getting low on the jerk.


    Getting comfortable with the weight locked out.

    Doing a lot of jerks with the sticks will help you learn to get low. Add them to your warm up. Make sure you really bend your knees and SLAM your feet each time to teach yourself to push hard out of the bottom.

    If you can set the weights extra high on your rack, put them up there and just do lockouts with higher and higher weights. Step away from the hooks, and get your balance. Take one step forward, back and side to side. Shoulders in your ears. Maybe even do a minor shortened ROM squat. This will help get you comfortable with a larger amount of weight overhead.