060901 Friday Medicine Ball Hurls

++Next Workout Scheduled for Monday, September 4th, 7:30am, Larkey Park.++

10 rounds for time:

80 meter sprint

40 meters of medicine ball hurls(10 or 20lbs)

(click “Continue Reading” below for more details -and pictures- of the workout)


A HUGE thanks to CrossFit Boston for showing me how they do it on the East Coast. Neal T. (on the left) is a great trainer and their ‘box’ is full of great tools and toys. I knew it was a good location when I saw that next door to his facility was “Diablo Glass Works”, and the fact that they use a “Dirt Devil” vacuum. I felt right at home.

JJ and Neal T.JPG

I remember when traveling meant I had to resolve to bodyweight exercises at the hotel. Now, by checking the CrossFit Affiliates Page, you can find a place to get your licks in, and meet some really cool people.

The CrossFit community never ceases to amaze me.

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  • J Jones

    Yes. My shirt does say:

    “When the Boogie man goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for CHUCK NORRIS!”

  • craig

    A 20lb med ball will make you throw like a girl as evidenced by the pics.

    Great workout today.

    Note: our newbie, Janice,joined us this am despite doing the CF 50 40 30 20 10 wod at 9PM the previous night! She’s clearly got the CF bug!

  • Jerry Hill

    How many minutes did it take to do this?

    I want to try this with my crew but might modify for as many rounds as you can in X minutes.


  • Neal Thompson


    You are welcome to come back anytime and I will be sure to give you a taste of the devil’s horns for the altered pic!

    Neal Thompson

  • CraigH

    Time elapsed: 8:00 mins.

    20 x would probably take 18 -20 mins.

    Very fun.



  • J Jones

    Neal, The horns just happen! I swear it wasn’t me. Look, even Chuck Norris got horns!