060907 Thursday

++ Next Workout Scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11th, Larkey Park, 6am ++

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Today’s Workout:

From the CrossFit page –

Run 10 K (6.2 miles)

If this seems daunting try just jogging / walking for one hour. Afterward, use a program like Route Ruler or www.runningmap.com to see how close you came to making it to the 10k mark.

Working out at the gym, but can’t stand all that time on the hamster wheel? Try splitting the workout between running and the erg rowing machine. Unless you have experience, the rowing machine might punish you more than you are ready for. Try a 6k run 4k row to make it a little easier. You could even do 2k row, 3k run, 2k row, 3k run. You get the idea.

Post your workout and time to comments.

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