060915 Friday

++ Next Workout Scheduled for Monday Sept 18th, Larkey Park, 6am ++

red char kb.jpg

5 rounds for time:

400 meter run (1/4 mile)

10 full depth Handstand push ups (for advanced) parallette push ups (for beginners)

10 reps each arm, one arm power snatch – 50lbs (for advanced) 5 or 10lbs (for beginners)

Click on “Continue reading ‘060915 Friday’ ” below to see an example of the one arm power snatch using a Kettlebell. The HSPUs stimulous is designed to fatigue the arms so that maximum hip explosion is required for the power snatch (as opposed to a ‘sort of’ clean and press).

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  • J Jones

    44lb kettlebell used, HSPUs on paralletes (I had to do a partial rep, then a full negative)

    Time: 23:45