060918 Monday

++ Next Workout Scheduled for Wednesday Sept 20th, Larkey Park, 6am ++

Colby makes sure Craig is doing full range of motion on his sit ups.


With a continuously running clock, perform the following triplet each minute on the minute for 20 minutes:

10 push ups (with a weighted vest if you have one)

10 squats with a medicine ball or weighted vest

10 sit ups with a medicine ball or weighted vest

More advanced people should use 20lbs or more, less advanced people should use 10lbs or less. When the time starts to slip and you can’t keep up with the stopwatch, get rid of the ball/vest and continue the workout ‘unloaded’. If you begin to slip on time again, cut the number of reps in half for each exercise. If you get to the last round without requiring the unloaded phase, do the last round unloaded anyway.

In the ‘comments’ section below, post weight used, rounds loaded vs. unloaded and time to complete the final round.

CrossFit expounds “Universal Scalability” with its program. This workout is an example of how this scaling can even happen during a workout, changing the prescribed workload as needed. An example might be an athlete who starts with a 20 lb medicine ball. After 12 rounds they can barely complete the circuit within the minute, so they drop the load from the workout. At round 18, they have lost ground again so they finish the workout only completing 5 reps of each exercise.

In the extended entry we look at the medicine ball sit up and how two variations can change the exercise modality.

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  • Craig

    Walking lunges stole my breath!! I sucked wind. And, to make matters worse, I was lapped by Jeremy (6 rnds!) – obvious payback for Monday!

    5 rnds 13’20” 40lbs dumbell

  • J Jones

    Yeah, 6 rounds with less weight (you had 40+, I had 30). My pulled quads are still on fire.

    6 rnds, 13:05

  • J Jones

    Oh yeah, on the Monday workout both craig and I were able to keep up with father time and do the first 19 rounds with the medicine ball. We dropped the ball on the last round and I was able to do the set in 0:32.