061005 Shootfighting Summit Review

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Shootfighting Summit 2006 – Cleveland Ohio

Last weekend (Sept 29 – Oct 1) I had the privilege of attending the first ever “Shootfighting Summit”. What is a “Summit” you say? Well in this case it is a workshop training seminar, but instead of having one person doing most of the instruction, we got to learn and share ideas with a number of different Shootfighting coaches.

Click below for my review of the Summit.

*UPDATE MAY 2008** Our friends the Tracy’s Karate Studios (in Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, and Davis California) will be hosting the first Shootfighting Summit on the west coast (second Shootfighting Summit ever actually).

The Summit will include all the top Shoofighting coaches from around the world (Yoshiaki Fujiwara aka the ‘Godfather’ of MMA, Bart Vale, Yuki Ishikawa, Marcus Marinelli, Keith Curts, John Busto, Barry Polonitza, Robert Yard, and Mike Dancull to name a few). All parts of mixed martial arts (mma) will be covered in addition to kickboxing, submissions, and most importantly how to blend the two together to forge a fluid, supreme, complete fighter (not just one who has been pieced together from different parts that don’t necessarily fit together).

I am looking forward to this momentous event, and so should you! Reserve your spots right away space is limited. Info on the TracysKarateStudios.com events page. -jj**

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  • Craig

    Finally got to read this. What an amazing background Fujiwara has. Good stuff, man.