061011 Wednesday

++ Next Workout Is Friday Oct 13th, 0600 @ Larkey park ++

waterball deadlift horns.jpg

Swiss ball from Target: $11.00

Water from tap: $0.0001

Building an amazingly cheap and effective lifting tool from an otherwise useless piece of rubber: Priceless

(this one weights about 70 lbs)


As many times as you can in 20 minutes complete:

50m waiter walk with 45lb dumbell/kettlebell in right hand

50m waiter walk with 45lb dumbell/kettlebell in left hand

25m lunge walk with 45lb dumbell/kettlebell on shoulder

30 push ups

30 22″ box jumps

Post number of rounds to comments.

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  • J Jones

    Janice did a modified workout using a 10lb medicine ball and doing 20 push ups and 20 box jumps.

    Janice and I got ‘rained out’* at the end of our second round completing around 9 minutes worth.

    *The sprinkers at the park kept cycling on in different areas making us move 3 times so we gave up.