061016 Monday

*** Next Workout Wed, Oct 18 @ 0600h at Larkey Park ***

With a continuously running clock complete the following

30, 20, 10 reps of:

Med Ball Hop (side to side) + push up (w/one hand on the ball)

Knees to elbows

+ 3x 400m run.

Begin this wod by standing on one side of the medicine ball and hopping to the opposite side with both feet together (pick up those knees!). Hop back to the starting position. Drop to push up position and place one hand on the ball. Complete one push up and stand. This is one complete repetition.

Move to Knees to Elbows.

Run 400m.

Thus, you have:

30 repetitions of med ball push up hops and knees to elbows followed by 400m run. 20 reps of mbpu, k2e, 400m run. 10 reps of mbpu, k2e, 400m run.

Post total time to entries.

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  • CraigH

    9:15 as Rx’d. Another good one, JJ!

  • JJones

    9:53 for me and

    10:25 (approx) for Janice.

  • JJones

    Oh yeah, We ran 400m (website updated).

    Janice also did a slightly modified 20,20,10 with knees to chest – A great improvement!