061023 Monday

++ Next Group Workout is WED 10/25, 0600H @ Larkey Park ++

Push ups on an uneven surface can help develop greater range of motion on regular push ups and are a good step in the direction of one armed push ups.


Our neighbor (and older brother of sorts) CrossFit Oakland is making huge contributions to the CrossFit community and to Fitness in general. Check out Mike and Max’s site often. It always has information worth knowing.



Complete 40 reps of all the exercises listed below, then 30 reps, then 20, then 10 reps as fast as you can.

bench dips (feet on ground)

medicine ball power clean and push press (10lb or 20lb ball)

sit ups

box jumps (box height should be just below the knee).

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  • JJones

    Jeremy – 20lb ball as Rxed – 17:06

    Janice – 10lb ball (modified 30,20,10,10) – 17:19