061027 Friday “Janice”

Today, Diablo CrossFitter Janice (center of picture above) is taking an 8 hour engineering exam called the ‘Professional Engineering Exam’ or “P.E.” today. Janice came to us trying to get into better shape while forcing her to develop the dicipline and mental fortitude required to study for the exam.

Even though we can’t workout for 8 hours straight (like she is basically doing), we wanted to devote a workout to her and to wish her the best on this momentus day.


3 minutes rowing

2 minutes kettlebell swing

1 minute wall ball

3 minutes 75lb sumo deadlift high pull

2 minutes dips

1 minute push press (25lb dumbbells)

3 minutes sit ups

2 minutes good mornings (20lbs medicine ball)

1 minute box jumps

Count total reps each round and add them up for a total score (like ‘Fight Gone Bad’).

Post your score to comments.


As CrossFitters, we are still on the outside of what most people consider the fitness world. One of the first issues of the ‘CrossFit Journal’ had an article about the 10 top ways to get kicked out of a commercial gym.

At Diablo CrossFit, we just got kicked out of park. (click below for more details).

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  • JJones

    Knock ’em dead Janice!

    (our workout today was slightly modified with the order being different)

    score: 408

  • Craig

    Don’t drive your F150 into to the park to load your gear!

    Great work out, JJ. Aptly named.

    Fingers crossed, Janice.

    score: 397