061118 Saturday

++ Next Workout Mon, Nov 20 0600H @ Larkey ++

Homework: CF wod for Sat, Nov 18 – Run 3x 800m for time (rest between sets)


CrossFit Kids at Brand X Martial Arts showing their stuff (and results!).

From today’s Contra Costa Times, comes a very sad article about the physical fitness of school children. I’m discouraged by the fitness levels of our children and especially by the disparity of fitness between children from lower income (lower fitness) and higher income families. Please read. I’d love to hear your ideas on what we (DCF) and you can do to help reverse this terrible trend of declining fitness among our children. I think CrossFit is an excellent method (see CrossFit Kids) but, how do we apply?

“No pain, no … oh, forget it, try again next year!

As most California students flunk physical fitness, Moraga, San Ramon Valley schools break the trend”

By Shirley Dang


In the San Ramon Valley, the freshmen have abs of steel. In Moraga, student lungs loom large. But at some campuses in Oakland, Pittsburg and Richmond, youths can barely do push-ups or run a mile.

These latest state test results released Friday find California’s students earning an F for physical fitness, particularly in high poverty and urban areas. (More)

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