061124 Tuesday “Fat is not a 4-letter word.”

Great article on the problem with the bureaucracy of the American Diabetes Association.

Men’s Health Article: The Cure For Diabetes

Exerpts. . .

“A University of Pennsylvania study reports that doctors prescribe a low-fat diet to their patients 67 percent of the time, yet when it comes to their own diet, they more often go low-carbohydrate.”

“. . . Feinman is referring to studies on Greenland Eskimos, who prior to the 1980s had perhaps the lowest prevalence of both heart disease and diabetes on the planet. One 25-year study found that only one out of the 1,800 people monitored developed diabetes. Their diet: almost entirely fat and protein, and only about 3 percent carbohydrates.”

“. . .in 2003, researchers at Duke University set out to test Dr. Vernon’s findings in a laboratory setting. The results of their 16-week study: 17 out of the 21 diabetic patients who participated were able to significantly reduce their medication or discontinue it altogether.”

Mmm. . . keep eating starchy foods and sugar, or self administer injections every day for the rest of my life? I know my answer.

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  • CraigH - DCF

    Great post! So true.