061213 – Battle of the Bulge and “Man Overboard”

++ Next Workout Is Friday, Dec 15 0600H @ 2040 N. Main Suite 14 ++

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the “Battle of the Bulge”. Fortunately our morning wasn’t nearly as cold, with Nazis, or remotely dangerous, but on days like this we must always remember our heros past and present or we will forget what it truely means to be ‘Free’.

Wiki Entry on the Battle of the Bulge

Quote from the battle that was yelled across enemy lines(as described by World War II Veteran Donald Burgett):

German Soldier – “What are you ‘Ami’s [Americans] doing here? This isn’t your war”

American Soldier – “We were invited.”



3 rounds of,

Row 400 meters

1.5 pood kettlebell swings (54lbs, sub a similar dumbell if you like)

65lb barbell push press

The rower is the ‘Pace Car’. The time it takes to do the the 400m row is the time you have to do the swings. Use the same amount of time for the push press as well. If you have other people to workout with, let them pace your other exercises.

You can calculate a score by adding up all your reps from every round and dividing by the total number of seconds it took to complete all of the rows.

(Thanks to CrossFit Oakland for the ‘Pacing’ idea, which came from CrossFit New York City originally).

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  • JJones

    Rob scored 274 seconds for all three rows, 79 kb swings and 100 push presses for a score of 0.65

    Arthur scored 287 seconds for all three rows, 65 kb swings and 47 push presses for a score of 0.39

    Jeremy scored 241 seconds for all three rows, 89 kb swings and 109 push presses for a score of 0.82

  • Arthur

    I’m a rookie first timer but remember, “amatuers pratice until they get it right, professionals pratice until they cant cant get it wrong.” So I will be back Monday at 0600

  • Craig

    Sorry I missed you guys. Probably best that I wasn’t there – got the plague! Great workout.