061229 Friday

++ Next Workout, Wednesday, Jan 3rd 0600H 2040 N.Main #14 ++

Our Gym is really Growing. . .

Just kidding.

This is a picture of Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy (Yes, he is the main Ref from the UFC).

It is also the home of CrossFit Valencia.



Sprint 100m

Repeat 5 times, resting as needed.

Then, Power Snatch working up to a max single.

Post total run time, and snatch results to comments.


This week we remember President Ford, and while many people think of him as the ‘clumsy’ man who followed Nixon, few remember that he was a very accomplished athlete.

I will tell you one thing. . . I wouldn’t have wanted to tangle with an ‘All State’ Center, a Michigan University MVP, who was an accomplished Boxer that turned down two NFL contracts, and eventually was a fitness instructor in the Navy.

Besides, with that that mean mug – I know he would have crushed some of the WODs.

For a little perspective, Ford quit the team when Georgia Tech wouldn’t play the Michigan Wolverines because they had a Black player (Willis Ward). Michigan decided to bench Ward so the game would happen. Ford walked, only returning to the game because Ward convinced him that he had a responsibility to the team.


We also remember Bryan Tuvera from the San Francisco Police Department.

Bryan Tuvera was shot in the line of duty on the night of December 22nd, 2006. Bryan succumbed to his wounds in the early morning of December 23rd.

Funeral Services are commencing today at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco.


There is no cause more honorable than putting one’s own self between the community and the toxic desolation of human aggression.

Thank you Mr. Tuvera. Thank you all Warriors.

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  • Bob Marrone

    Hey Jeremy! Thanks for the workout. Amazing how sore I got from the sprints. I really appreciate the pointers on the snatch. looking forward to working out with you guys again.