070103 Wednesday – New Year, More changes

++ Next Workout, Friday, Jan 5th 0600H 2040 N.Main #14 ++

Diablo Gym Stage 3:


Workout (from the CrossFit Mothership, January 2nd)

You can compare your results to CrossFitters around the world.

Five rounds for time of:

400 meter run

135 pound Thruster, 10 reps

Post time to comments.


New Year’s Resolutions. . .

January is the time of year for people to “turn a new leaf”, “start over”, and “begin anew.” . . .

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  • JJones


    Modified with 115lb back squats instead of thrusters due to some lower back pain.

    My goals for 2007:

    -15 overhead squats with bodyweight

    -2 minute Lsit

    -Rutman mile – 15 minute mile run with sandbag equal to bodyweight.

    -10 free standing hand stand push ups.

    I may add to these as time goes on.

  • Stavros K

    I put the * because I used 95# vs. 135#, but it was still an incredible workout. It’s 2:00 and finally I’m not nauseous!
    See you all on Friday.

  • Craig

    Grinded as rx’d.


  • Craig

    By the way – great post today, JJ. Excellent commentary. That’s my kind of speech.