070105 Friday – Atrophy is the enemy

++ Next Group Workout, Monday Jan 8th 0600H 2040 N.Main #14 ++

Craig and Stavros admire the new Olympic Weightlifting Platform.

Today’s Workout:

200m run

10 sandbag over the shoulder throws (alternating R,L,R,L)weight: 90lbs approx

200m run

10 water ball over the shoulder throws(alternating R,L,R,L) weight: 70 lbs approx

200m run

10 heavy bag over the shoulder throws (alternating R,L,R,L) weight: 50lbs approx

An ‘over the shoulder throw’ is when an object is picked up off the ground (deadlift) lifted up to shoulder height (clean), then tossed over one shoulder or the other.

Jeremy with the water ball

Post time to comments


Follow up strength work:

Press 5x5x5x5x5

Modify the weight (up or down) to make the most of the workout.

Post weights used each round to comments.



Why do Workouts Work?

“To their surprise, Baldwin’s team found that while isometric exercises did prevent leg muscles from withering, they did not stop a decline in the amount of contractile proteins in those muscles. The muscle was actually degrading on the molecular level.”

. . .

“A more unconventional possibility is that astronauts could stave off muscle atrophy by taking a pill. Anti-atrophy pills are only speculative right now, Baldwin says, but there are reasons to believe that they might be possible.”

If a pill does comes out that provents muscle atrophy, I wonder where this would fall into the ‘chemical enhancement’ realm.

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  • Craig

    I came in at 7’50” for the sprints & throws.

    I HATE THAT DAMN GREEN BAG! I think I dislocated my good elbow trying to flip that frikkin’ thing over my shoulder.

    Shoulder Press: 5×5 @ 105, 115, 115, 125, 125

  • JJones

    heh heh.

    It needs a name. . . “The Green Bag of Death!” is the first thing that comes to mind.

    But I think we need something suitably ‘Diabloeque’ – maybe just DGB (“damn green bag!”).

    5:42, but I was just doing 115lb back squats instead of sand bag throws (back still an issue).

  • JJones

    oh yeah, 5×5 95,115,125 (f-only 4 reps),115,115