070111 Thursday – Recovery

++ Next Group Thrashing: Fri, Jan 12 0600H @ The Shed ++

Video II for DCF. Click the pic.

A few substitutions for some of us (see JJ’s comments yesterday), but another great wod!

Hmmm, a novel concept: nutrition & movement stimulate kids’ brains. From today’s Contra Costa Times:

New method of teaching focuses on kids’ brains.

Schools in Florida use movement, music, art, nutrition and other tactile techniques to prod students’ gray matter.

By Erika Hobbs


For youngsters at Wolf Lake Elementary in Apopka, Fla., pumping their muscles is just another way to exercise their minds…

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  • JJones

    Best.song.ever. for our gym.

    I think it will have to make a re-occurrence from time to time.

    The video is great!

    Good article too!

  • Stavros K

    Great vid. I’m looking forward to the pain in the morning.