070112 Friday

++ Next Group Mauling: Monday January 15th

Chalk, Sweat, an Olympic Weightlifting Platform, and a Red Devil Duck. Just another day at Diablo CrossFit.


Complete a Tabata interval for each of the following exercises –



Sit ups

Back Extensions

Your score for each exercise is the lowest number of reps completed in any single round of 20 seconds. Your total score is the addition of all four scores.

Post Scores to comments.



“Lifting Weight Slims Down the Belly”

“. . . It’s the apple-shaped person I’m most worried about,” said Stevens, who was not involved in the study. “The more central the fat, the more it’s laid down in the arteries . . .”

. . .Women who did the weight-training for two years had only a 7 percent increase in intra-abdominal fat, compared to a 21 percent increase in the group given exercise advice. . .

Too bad the study didn’t compare Cardio vs Real Weightlifting. But if you consider the group that ‘was given an exercise information pamphlet’ as a ‘no exercise’ group, the study does have some merit.

“. . .This is not a program you could do in your home, unless you can afford to have a full gym in your basement . . .” Schmitz said.

Too bad the researcher (and the rest of the world) doesn’t know about CrossFit and Garage gyms. Just about anyone can afford a pair of dumbbells and some workout shoes. What people can’t afford is the ‘effort’ it takes to be self motivated.

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  • Craig

    Squats: 15
    Dips: 17
    Situps: 14
    Back Ext: 14

    Squats: 16
    Dips: 19
    Situps: 12
    Back ext: 12

  • Stavros K

    Tabata was good this morning, what was not good was the 25* 100M run. It was FREEZING.