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“How many days a week should I work out?”

This is one of the first questions I am asked by clients, friends and family. My answer is always the same, and a bit startling for some:

“Plan to work out everyday.”

Why? Because most people’s schedules are hectic. Trying to schedule your workouts on specific days and at specific times inevitably leads to too many days off and finally, a decision to stop working out until more time is available. Schedules change, people get sick, friends come over, and on and on.

Instead, make fitness a lifestyle by planning to workout everyday. And, if you have the time, work out twice a day! If you find yourself getting too sore or tired, then take the next day off. Chances are, however, if you plan to workout everyday, something will come up that will force you to take a day off. If you’re exercising everyday, then you won’t feel guilty when your friends come over, you get sick, your kid’s big game is on, etc.

Plan to workout every day.

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