070131 “Hump Day”

++ Next Group Workout Friday, Feb 2 @ 0600H at THE SHED++

Craig lets the Concept II have it.



100 pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 squats (no weight)

You must complete each 100 reps before moving onto the next exercise.

If you have some juice left you should also try:



The idea is practice form, then work on completing single reps, adding weight until you reach your maximum.

Post time and/or max weight to comments.


“Hump Day” Article:

Gender Equality Leads To Better Sex Lives Among People 40 And Over

“The study found that subjective feelings of sexual well-being are strongly correlated with overall happiness for both men and women across all of the countries studied.”

This is kind of an obvious statement, but important none the less. -jj

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  • Craig

    Good workout this morning. Not too cold.

    Janice back after travel & illness. Aaron back.

    Craig: 20:52 (broken, ugly pullups)
    Aaron: 21:12 – Stout.
    Janice: 22:23 – great comeback today!

  • Craig

    By the way – we broke the wod down to sets of 10 each x 10