070212 Monday

Craig digs himself out of a deep squat.

Aaron and Kevin hitting the pavement before dawn.


Back squat 5, 5

100m sprint

Back squat 5, 5

100m sprint

Back squat 3, 3

100m sprint

Back squat 2, 2

100m sprint

Rest as needed between sets. Note 100m sprint times and weights used in comments



Researchers Identify Gene That Enhances Performance


How to Burn More Fat With Less Effort

“The group which did around eight seconds of sprinting on a bike, followed by 12 seconds of exercising lightly for twenty minutes, lost three times as much fat as other women, who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes,”

It is always nice when the science validates what you have already been doing. I also like the tone of the article saying that it is better to be healthy with some fat than unhealthy and emaciated. -jj

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  • JJones

    Craig and Mike Weights:

    165, 205, 240, 305

    Aaron and Kevin Weights:

    135, 155, 165, 175

    Sprint times:


  • Craig

    Excellent article on cycling & losing fat! This is very consistant with my experience.

    My glutes are in pain! Sitting is uncomfortable today. Thanks for a good workout today.

  • Craig

    And, Mike kicked our asses in the sprints! Very quick out of the hole.

  • Arthur

    Still at work



  • Mike

    My hami’s have never been so sore. After I got home, a did another mile and a half and some 90%-35% intervals.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

    “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”