070216 Friday “Tears & Power”

Kevin attempts to pull the roof down with a rope.


Ring push ups 20, 15, 10, 5

Rope Climb 1, 1, 1, 1

Front Squat (45lbs) 10, 5, 20, 15

Row (calories) 5, 20, 15, 10

Work through each exercise going down the list of prescribed reps for round 1 (20 rpus, 1 rope, 10 fs, 5 cal row, etc), then go through each exercise with the prescribed reps for round 2. . .

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Brian administered this one at our Thursday night workout and we dished up leftovers this morning. The general consensus was it was a good workout:



Today we are going to look at an essay written by Henry Rollins called “IRON”. Many may have already read it. I say read it again. For those this is the first time, read it more than once and return to it often. Click “Continue Reading” to read the whole article.

(Thanks to Mike for reminding me of it’s truth)

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  • JJones

    I am not sure of the details, but I know the results for last night’s workout:

    Matt – 19:55
    Andrew – 19:35
    Luca – 16:59

    This morning, Janice and Kevin got to make their attempts.

    Kevin – 21:18 (30 jumping rope pull ups after rnd 1)
    Janice – 22:40(30 jumping rope pull ups and 30 lb front squats)

    Aaron? Art? Where you at!? I’ll cut Mike some slack because he works until 10pm and lives 45 minutes away.

  • Craig

    Great post & workouts guys!! Sorry I couldn’t be there.

    Good job Brian on your first workout.

  • Mike

    I wish I would have made it. I didn’t get to bed till around 0230!!! I’m at work now and I feel like crap. I did 20 HS Push ups today though, and drilled on the Frog Stand. My shoulders are fried. Hope to see you all on Moday and meet more of the warriors.

    “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”

  • Mike

    BTW I ordered my own elite rings. I can’t wait till they get here.

  • JJones

    Monday just hit the ‘maybe’ status due to the holiday. We will make an announcement on the mainpage if it gets canceled (or postponed to a later time in the day).

    Rings are awesome! Probably one of the most portable and diverse training tools out there.

  • kevin

    Great workout today… After a lovely morning with JJ and the damn rope, I went with guys from work and did some range drills, then ran through a 1.5 mile run and an o-course. Can anyone say Done! Wake me on Monday..

  • Mike

    Jees Kev you’re an animal. I feel like kind of a fiend. Every hour or so I sneak into the locker room and do some HS pushups or use the handicap rails in the corner to do L-sits.
    I think I have a problem.
    Is there a CF Anonymous?

  • Brian

    Awesome dedication to fitness around here. That’s what gets you over the edge. Consistent effort where others take extra time off. I wanna be like you guys when I grow up!

    If you were to do Tear and Power with say pullups, it would look like this:
    Rings 20 15 10 5
    Pulls 15 10 5 20
    Squats 10 5 20 15
    Row 5 20 15 10

    Any ‘full body’ exercise for reps works well, deadlifts and thrusters are excellent. Just try to not do too much ‘upper’ or ‘lower’ body centric movements as you lose too much time.

    I tried the new Gill athletics rings at the Union City CrossFit Certification and they are excellent.

    Best to all…

  • Craig

    I like that Tears & Power with pullups too – can’t wait to give this one a go. Thx B

  • Craig

    Ok wait a minute – is Janice flipping the bird thru the ring?? Just noticed!! Great pic JJ

  • Mike

    I noticed that too. I haven’t met her yet, but she’s probably thanking him for the workout =P

  • Mike

    Any word on Monday?