The 13th Amendment


In memory of two of our finest President’s, DCF cooked up “The 13th Amendment”, a new take on the “pace car” / “man overboard” WOD’s, in honor of Abe for passing the 13th amendment and George for rowing across the Potomac River to kick some British Ass…

While one person rows continuously, the other four Xfitters hammer out 13 reps of each of the following:

Knees to Elbows

Ring Dips

45 lb Thrusters

Pull Ups

Rotate the rower only once every Xfitter has completed the four exercises. Repeat ’til everyone rows.


We got a bit screwed up on counting the total Meters, but I think either Becka or Janice took the crown. I wimped out completely from the rowing…it’s either the back or the hang over, but I was the weakest link this AM.

Guys, great workout. Total time, even with all the pauses, was 29:15…however, I believe we were around 25 minutes, as we had that long pause after round one to sort things out.

Happy President’s Day!



Researchers Identify Gene that Enhances Performance

“Like a trained athlete, this mouse enjoyed increased capacity to exercise, manifested by its ability to run three times longer than a normal mouse before exhaustion. One particularly striking feature of the finding was the accumulation of muscle glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrates. . .”

Running three times as long is great, but I want to know how his ‘4m’ run time is or how many pull ups he did. -jj

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  • kevin

    Sorry guys, I can not make the am. See you on Wed.

  • Craig

    Way to rally, Rob, post birthday!! You’re probably feeling 2 x 25 today.

    Good workout.

  • Mike

    My shoulder was humped after the ring pullups.
    Good workout though.
    GOT MY FIRST MUSCLE-UP!!!! Actually did two of ’em.
    I tried Jeremy’s approach and nailed it.

    Stay Classy,

  • JJones

    Right on Mike!

    I knew you’d pull it off, you were so close before!