070221 Wednesday Firefighter Special

Aaron looks ready for more!


3 rounds for time:

Situps x25

Wall Balls (20lbs x 10ft)x25

Walking Lunges x25

Double unders x 25

Back extensions x 25

Post time to comments.


I know Wednesday is usually our day to post ‘Hump Day’ Articles, but in the last few days I have come upon some great articles relating Firefighter Fitness.


Firefighters’ Greatest Danger May Not Be Fires, But Lack Of Exercise

“In almost all of the cases, the heart attacks suffered by firemen are directly linked to the exertional demands of the firefighter’s job,” Womack reports.”

“They have long periods on duty in which they get little or no exercise. Then when a fire does occur, there is a sudden, intense energy demand required, and if they are not in adequate physical condition, the results can be deadly.”

Nationally, figures show three-fourths of firefighters over the age of 45 who die in the line of duty die from a heart attack. And of the firefighters who have died from a heart attack while in the line of duty, 2 of every 5 had documented heart conditions, Womack said.

Billions In Cost Estimated For Firefighter Injuries

“Other suggested ways to prevent injury and to cut cost include: robots for reconnaissance and firefighting; early (remote) sensing of firefighter injuries/illnesses; computer modeling of deployment scenarios; early detection of building collapse; and emphasis on heightened firefighter health and fitness.”

This last one was posted on the CrossFit Community Blog and comes from our Atlanta Affiliate – CrossFit Atlanta (nice work guys!)

CrossFit Ideal for Firefighter Fitness

Here at Diablo CrossFit about half of our members are Firefighters. Most of them came to us independent of each other, but had heard of CrossFit via word of mouth. On top of that more than a few are Law Enforcement Officers or serve in the Armed Forces.

“First Responders” is a name given to Firefighters, Law Enforcement personnel , Military personnel, Paramedics/EMTs , etc – Basically anyone who’s duty involves moving toward the sound of the gunfire, the explosions, the screaming, the disaster, the death . . . instead of running the opposite way.

The tricky thing about these ‘incidents’ is that they will always occur, can never predicted, and will usually be interspersed with long periods of nothing happening. Our only option is to have these “First Responders”, these “Warriors”, on call 24/7 so that when the shit hits the fan they can contain the blaze, take down the shooter, stop the bleeding, save lives, etc.

Going from Zero to 100mph is hard on the body, the nervous system, the mind . . . it demands so much more than being ‘in pretty good shape’. We must provide protection that extends beyond equipment, not just to save the life of the operator (in most cases he or she would risk their lives without it, regardless), but also to make sure they have the tools required to succeed at that critical moment – to save the lives of their colleagues and the innocents.

With every workout, with every iota of progress, we discover that there is no program that caters to the needs of our ‘First Responders’ like CrossFit does.

I thank Coach Glassman (and all those wonderful people who run CrossFit) every day that our First Responders now have one more tool to help them do their duty, and to stay safe.

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  • Craig

    These guys nailed it this morning. Mike almost puked!

    Warm-up: 400m run + Burgener w/u

    Art: 20:37
    Mike: 22:21
    Aaron: 22:21
    Kevin: 22:20
    Craig: 22:41

  • Brian

    That was just excellent, J.

    Great workout and times too.

  • Stavros K

    Hey everyone! How’s it going!?
    I myself have been getting OWNED by the crossfit workouts we use during PT for our academy. We have used many of the same workouts and routines. I can’t wait to get back to Diablo Crossfit, and attempt to keep up with Craig and Jeremy. BTW, I lost almost 11-12 pounds in the first 3 weeks, it’s been crazy!
    See you guys soon.

  • Mike is Invincible

    WORD UP!!! I was in such a good mood after that one. I jammed out to Stevie Wonder all the way home. I just got out of a root canal about half an hour ago, so now I feel even better than after lour WOD.

    “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”

  • JJones

    Good to hear from you Stav! Doing the workouts everyday (aka 3 on 1 off) will whip you into shape real quick.

    Keep it up, we are all rooting for you!

  • CraigH

    Stav: does part of your weight-loss come from having the damn flu at the same time?? You’re an animal! Godspeed, man.

  • Mike is Invincible

    FLU?? Dude, you’re a savage. But, fires need to be fought whether you’re sick or not so props to ya man.


  • Mike is Invincible

    FLU?? Dude, you’re a savage. But, fires need to be fought whether you’re sick or not so props to ya man.