070228 Wednesday “Hump Day”

Craig demonstrates the Medicine ball burpee with two push ups.


5 rounds for time –

Med Ball (20lb ball) Push-Up Burpees x 10

100 m Run

15 Squats

100 m Run

Post time to comments.


Hump Day Article:

Love in Paradise

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  • Craig

    HA! You found the picture of JJ’s med ball burpees!

    It was cold this morning: ice on the car. But, the view of snow on Mt. Diablo was awesome. The sprints took our breath away, but when you got to the end of the bldg (100m), you turned around to see the sun coming up over snow covered Mt. Diablo and found some motivation to grind out your 15 squats.

    Glen: 17’21” (First timer – very stout!!)
    Kevin: 18:21″

    Glen is a SJ Firefighter (since ’82) & Instructor (nationally recognized), and very fit. You want this guy showing up at your house if it catches fire!

  • Mike is Invincible

    My back is finally feeling better. It’s been rough this week, getting ready to go on an exercise and working swings. I’ll be in on Friday though. Glad to hear you guys are doing well. I hope to see you all soon.

  • JJones

    Heh, At least Darren isn’t lying to himself.