070306 Tuesday

Workout tonight at THE SHED with Rob!

Siberian Cast Dumbbells (not at our gym, but cool none-the-less).

Suitcase deadlift relays!

5 reps, each arm, suitcase deadlifts, walk 50 meters while holding weight, 5 reps, each arm.

Number of rounds depends on number of participants!

First team done wins! Losers get a special prize!



A couple of sleep related articles.

Kids who get less sleep weigh more

Wake up to Nap Time

Sleep is free people. Don’t start your health trend by trying to find the newest supplement, diet, or exercise plan that costs big bucks – Start by getting more sleep, drinking more water, and taking fish oil. Chances are your life will improve dramatically (without causing you a loss of sleep from “empty-wallet-itis”). -jj

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  • Craig

    Excellent post! Eating better and sleeping will improve fitness dramatically. Most supplements pass right through you and many tax your liver unnecessarily. Furthermore, since most supplements have never been appropriately & clinically tested, actual benefits and hazards – long and short-term – are unknown.

  • Darren

    If I am at work and by myself, how many rounds do you suggest I do?

  • JJones

    5 rounds Darren