070315 Thursday

Good times with the new Dynamax balls.

The WOD was a 3 way Tag Team match.

A. Wall Ball – 28 shots with the 20# ball (subbing the 16# when necessary)

B. Ring Pull-ups: Max reps while person A doing their shots

C. Box Jumps 20″: Max reps while person A doing their shots

When A finishes all 28 shots everybody rotates and begins again while the clock keeps running. Why 28 shots? That was the age of our youngest athlete last night. It could have been worse, I’m 42. Try it if you like the feel of sand in your lungs.

Tag team WOD’s have many special benefits. One is the fact that you will likely push yourself more when you know a partner is going to suffer longer if you don’t. They are a great team building opportunity and everyone can contribute as the number of reps you do on most stations are really up to you.

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