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Need exercise ideas for your kids? Check out CrossFit Kids for a wod scaled for age/experience.

In my 25 years of toiling at exercise, I know the secret to improved fitness and weight management: exertion and variety! I have witnessed many, many fat people (even obese) train for and run 10k’s and marathons, apathetically grind away on treadmills and elipticals, and lift weights for hours at a time – all with little result. Doctors and trainers alike discourage exercise that elevates the heart rate to maximum levels. “If you feel feint…” you know the rest. Frankly, if I feel feint, I know my effort was meaningful enough to provoke results (see: What is Fitness, by Greg Glassman).

CrossFit has confirmed this “exertion principle” for me. Fortunately, CF also helped me understand that powerful exertion need only occur for short periods (bursts) to be effective. It appears the same may be true for children, as the article below indicates.

More on this subject from me later. In the meantime, read on about how to help your children:

The secret to slim kids: 15 minutes spurts of activity.

Short bursts of intense play most helpful, experts say!

Just 15 minutes a day of kicking around a ball or swimming might be enough to keep children from becoming obese, British and U.S. researchers said on Monday.

A study of 5,500 children who agreed to wear a motion sensor device showed that those who exercised more were less likely to be obese — and that short bursts of intense activity seemed to be the most helpful.


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    That particular quote is from “The Devine Comedy”, by Dante Alighieri. The gate of hell is inscribed with this phrase.