070324 Saturday – Semi Private Sessions at the Shed

++ Semi-Private Sessions at The Shed w/Brian @1300H ++


Heart disease presents a major threat to firefighters, study says Contra Costa Times, Mar 24, 2007

Death by Heart Attack???

Who would have thought the greatest risk of dying for Firefighters may be a heart attack?? I guess I understand, since most Firefighters are idle for long periods of time and then are periodically immersed into random intense physical activity. Most have only trained themselves with extended periods of low intensity cardiovascular exercise. And, firehouse diet may not be helping.

CrossFit is quickly becoming a fitness staple for many Firefighters and Fire Departments. CrossFit readies the body for the intense, physical activities of a FireFighter life and everyday life that come in short, varied bursts (climbing a ladder with weight, lifting the kids into the car seat, swinging an axe, lifting a 50lb bag of dog food, etc.).

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