070409 Monday – PCF meets DCF

++ Next SHED Session, Tues, Apr 10 @1900h ++


Saul and Pat from Peninsula CrossFit stopped by bright and early this morning to see what DCF is all about. We introduced the to a NYC CrossFit and DCF specialty: Man Overboard

Man Overboard (4 person team)

While one person rows 500m, the other team members execute one of the following movements until the 500m row is complete. Rotate rowers and movements until all team members have rowed 500m. Track your repetitions for each:

Wall Ball Shots – 10′

Kettlebell Swings

Box Jumps – 24″

Your score is the total repetitions for all three stations.

Why “Man Overboard?” Obviously, if someone falls overboard, you would row as fast as possible to save them. Likewise, with this wod, when it is your time to row, you want to row 500m as fast as possible to save your teammates! So, the faster you row, the less reps they do.

For competitions, the highest score wins.

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