070411 Wednesday

DCF’s fleet of different balls.

Workout –

21, 15, 9 of the following triplet:

135 lb. dead lifts

wall ball

kettlebell swings

Great work by Jason and Ward this AM!!! You guys rocked.



A few 30 second jogs as good as long run

“Just six minutes of intense exercise a week could be as effective as an hour of daily moderate activity suggests new findings from researchers at McMaster University”

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  • Rob Barnum


    Ward – 8:30

    Jason – 9:20

    Rob – 7:24

    I think those are right…Ward?

  • J Jones

    Just no nobody gets confused, the big blue ball is our ‘glob ball’ (not your average air filled swiss ball).

  • Mike Is Invincible

    Great article. I’ve been doing lot’s of 21-15-9 workouts with only 3 exercises lately. Like 45# plate swings (kb substitute)pull-ups and burpees. My mini WOD’s take me about 12 minutes to finish and I try to do two a day. I think the CF bug is catching here at Travis. I’ve got a lot of people interested, but not so many are man enough to try.

  • Craig

    Great article Rob.