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Appropriate Rest Between Interval Sets By Energy System Focus

The above chart was taken from an article entitled, “Rest and Recovery in Interval-Based Exercise,” CrossFit Journal, April 2007, Issue 56. Tony Leyland, Senior Lecturer at the School of Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, is the author.

In this excellent article, Tony describes appropriate rest periods for interval training for all three metabolic pathways (& muscle types). I have been using intervals for more than 20 years for powerlifting and endurance running, operating on instinct and coaching input for recovery times. This article debunks many of my preconceived notions about recovery time and identifies correct rest periods by intended training focus: power, strength recovery, or cardiovascular endurance.

In short, the above article is brilliant in my humble opinion. I will not print it here, but will display a couple cool charts on energy consumption and commentary on muscle fiber types. The CrossFit Journal is only $25 per YEAR. The above article is worth $25 or more alone.

If you have not yet subscribed, please do so by clicking on the above chart. Your $25 helps support CrossFit’s vast resource of free information, coaching videos, pictures, and website.

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  • Mike Is Invincible

    Yesterday I did interval sprints through Rockville Park in Fairfield at a 1:1 work rest ratio. 1 minute on, one minute off. 9 intervals.
    Conveniently I had a song on my mp3 player that was a minute long so I just repeted it. If I had read this article sooner, I may have gotten a more beneficial run.

  • Craig

    I hear you! I have been doing it wrong for years.