070418 Wednesday – Flippin’ wod

++ Next SHED Session: Thu, Apr 19 @ 1900h ++


Jason flips for his 1st DCF wod. Click pic for more photos.


As many rounds in 20mins of the following:

Tire Flips x 5 (flip, jump in, jump out)

Wall Balls x 10 (10′ target)

Sumo Deadlift Highpull x 10 (1.5pood kettlebell or 55lb dumbell)

Knees to Elbows x 10

Jason (newbie), Matt & Marc enjoyed this blaster.

WED DCF wod: Man Overboard Version

While one team member rows 500m, the remaining members complete one of the following –

Tire Flips (flip, in, out)



Rotate rowers until each member has completed each movement. Repeat for 250m, then 100m. Score total repetitions for each.



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  • Craig


    Jason 2.5 Rounds – 1st CF wod!!!
    Marc 10 rounds+ he lost count
    Matt 7.5 rounds: started from scratch 3mos ago!

  • Craig

    Wed AM – Man Overboard Row – 500m / 250m / 100m

    Total Reps:

    Aaron – 133
    21 Tire Flips
    57 Wall Balls
    55 SDHP

    Jason – 124
    14 Flips
    57 Wall Balls
    53 SDHP

    Adam – Newbie
    ++ solid rows, but forgot to track #’s ++

    Craig – 174
    23 Flips
    70 Wall Balls
    81 SDHP

    Solid effort, gentlemen. Thanks for the fast rows!