070426 Thursday

We welcomed three new people to Thursday night training at the Shed. After joint strength movements and some humility (PVC), Tony, Deanna and Carrie learned a lot about overhead squats and jumping pull ups and they named their WOD “Monkey Arms.”

Overhead Squats (with PVC or Bar to modify)

Jumping pull ups (or ring rows to modify)

21 – 15 – 9

If this is too easy, well, the original workout is OHS with 95lbs. and kipping pull ups. Here is a great video: CF Housewives

To cool down we learned how to ‘play’ wall ball and slam ball and then did relaxed stretches for the hips. By the way Tony had done ‘Lynne’ the day before with Craig. That’s a lot of pull ups.

A great group to train. They worked hard and used their heads.

I hope to see everybody back next week.

If any new attendees wish to ask any follow up questions, they are welcome at info@diablocrossfit.com.



Weighing Obesity Surgery for Teens

” “What’s fascinating is that teenagers already can have a half-dozen complications of obesity that the surgery within months — if not weeks — can remedy,” he said Inge, who has been performing the surgery on adolescents for five years.”

I wonder if the same would be true with a complete diet reversal and no surgery. -jj

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  • Craig

    Great picture and great name!! Monkey arms – I know the feeling.

    Not only did Tony do “Lynne” with an impressive total of 123 on Wed – he also joined me midday Thursday for a tough 5 miler in the hills before your Monkey Arms.

    He is an aspiring Green Beret – and his fitness shows!