070427 Friday

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Colby Finally Catches One!

The Accused:


I guess he’s not as sweet as he looks!

The Victim:


Tony and I headed to Shell Ridge for a little hilly 5 miler and brought DCF mascots, Colby & Bosco along. They usually spend most of their time sprinting after ground squirrels, always to no avail.

Well, today, Colby finally got one! In mile 4, battling the heat, he managed to save one final sprint and surprised a poor little squirrel before it could dodge back into the hole.

My dogs stay fit via daily walks, frequent runs in the hills, chasing squirrels and cats in the yard, and morning sprints with the DCF team. Fitness paid off for Colby on this day!


We put Ward through Lynne this morning in prep for his 5k run tomorrow. Nice effort today, buddy!

5 Rounds of –

Body Weight Bench Press

Pull Ups

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  • Ward

    I heartily disagree, I think Colby is as sweet as he looks, and Bosco isn’t far behind. Alsways nice to be greeted by the mascots in the morning.

    Thanks for the assistance on those presses this morning, I needed the extra juice towards set 5. I’ll be feeling it on Sunday.