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Long road to recovery for B-Boy:

Bosco was struck by a truck yesterday in front of The Shed when were leaving for a run. I usually check outside the door for cars, but yesterday he got around me to head for my truck before I could look. Sure enough, a truck was passing at that very moment. Clearly, he should have been leashed before exiting.

His pelvis is broken in 3 places. He is stabilized in good condition at the Concord Emergency Vet Clinic. He will have surgery on Monday and will need 10 – 12 weeks to recover. He will likely be able to run with me again, albeit more conservative distances. My wife and I are greatly relieved and encouraged.

Good thoughts and prayers are sincerely appreciated.



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  • Mike is Invincible

    Get well soon Bosco!!! And hang in there Craig, soon enough you’ll have me to kick around again.

    Also, a great big HOWDY to everyone at DCF!!! I’ve been TDY for a while now and I can’t wait to get home.

    Power to You;!!!

  • Ward

    Rocky (my dog) and I will be thinking positive thoughts for Bosco and your family Craig. I’m sure he’ll be up and around before you know it. Our canine friends can surprise you with their resolve.


  • Matt

    Bosco’s a tough dude. He’ll be back to his romping sooner than you think.

    If he needs any dog therapy, my two hounds are always available. 🙂