070507 Monday

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John (choke-ie) and Sarah (choke-er) are some of the newest members to the DCF “Cell” (and they have been kicking some ass from the beginning).


Tabata Squats

as many ring dips as you can in 4 minutes

Tabata Squats

as many ring dips as you can in 4 minutes

Post your combined Tabata score for both rounds and total number of dips



Here in California, the sun is starting to come on at full force. This isn’t the time to run and hide indoors unless you have got your SPF 100 sun block. Today’s first two articles bring up some important reasons for us all to ‘get a little sun’. The last article should help those people who were brought up fearing the sun’s harmful death rays and remind you to drink tea instead of sodas, and sugar laden juice.

Too little Sun as bad as Too Much?

Sunlight Might Help Fight Cancer

Tea Drinkers Might have Lower Skin Cancer Risk

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  • Mike is Invincible

    Awwwww. I’ve got so many new people to meet when I get home. Where to start. Well, I’ve got a 1 and 1.5 pood sitting in my room waiting to come out and play so I guess I’ll have to bring them out and christen them at DCF!!!!

  • Craig

    Great workout today. Sorry I missed, guys! Rick – you make it??

  • J Jones

    I forgot my score, but I think it was 12 for each round of T.squats, and then 18 and 12 for the ring dips.

    I completed the workout with a 20# weight vest on . . . Today I feel like I am wearing “shorts of pain”.