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We have been getting a lot of interest from potential new members here at Diablo CrossFit. All our classes seem to be growing and we had three new trainees last night joining the Thursday gang. In attendance: Ann, Deanna, Josh, Luca, Matt, Josh, and Rick.

After joint strength exercises and an extended warm-up routine of light running and calisthenics we did the following short, intense, and very effective full body routine:

Ball Slams 7 reps

Push Ups 9 reps

Swings 11 reps

5 rounds for time.

The medicine ball and dumbbell or kettlebell weights were scaled for everyone. Our winner was Luca in six minutes, eleven seconds.

After a short break we had a little introductory class on kettlebells. I don’t think you should leave a CrossFit class without learning something.

To cool down we finished with some Tabata abdominal holds and some PVC stretching. Well done to everybody.



One of the ways that I describe CrossFit to others is ‘the fountain of youth.’ Here is an excellent article discussing one of the reasons why:

“Intensity” by Clarence Bass


Mr. Bass at age 60 (he looks a little like “Fraiser” -jj)

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  • Mike Is Invincible

    Great article. The way healthcare is going in America more seniors need to get out there and work there asses off.
    With the the knowledge of Crossfit, I’m excited to see what lies in the future for athletes, and even my own children one day.