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May Monday Morning Mob


Rotate through each of the following exercises every minute. Perform as many repetitions of the exercise as possible before the minute is up, then move directly to the next exercise. Add up all the reps for each exercise and post your results in comments.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (deadlift with a ‘Snatch’ grip. i.e. wide hands)

Push ups

20″ box jumps



3D imaging helps athletes performance and injury prevention

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  • J Jones

    Jeremy: SGDL=104, PU=117, BJ=96
    Rick: 75, 60, 57
    Johnathan: 130, 153, 130
    Sarah: 53, 66, 63
    Josh: 58, 57, 52
    Kevin: 70, 68, 56

  • Brian

    Jeremy, I thought you were all out of shape? How do you post numbers like that after a long term injury?

    That’s a really inspiring comeback bromide.

    Have heard anything about Craig’s dog?


  • Brian

    Wow, great numbers coming back from injury, Jeremy.

    Looks like a great work and crew.

    How’s Craig’s dog doing?

  • J Jones

    I haven’t heard about Bosco, and my numbers are pretty dismal compared to what I used to be able to do on a workout like this. I will also say that it is amazing what eating in the Zone with Paleo parameters have allowed me to keep.

  • CraigH

    How about that Jonathan.. coming into DCF and kicking some ass!

    Brian – great Fran times on the board for your crew!

    Nice pic JJ. Sorry I missed y’all this am. Back Wed. if you’re ready for a break.


  • CraigH

    Bosco Update: (THANK YOU FOR ASKING!)

    Hip surgery last Monday was a success, but rehab is slow. He walks in pain with a great deal of assistance from me and Yvonne.

    Ankle surgery today to replace damaged ligament. He’ll be splinted for 3-4 weeks.

    Home for good tomorrow and rehab begins. He’ll likely be walking on his own within 10 days. Full recovery is 10 weeks.

    He’s tough, eating well and barks at squirrels and strangers – a great sign.

    Thanks again for asking.


  • Ward

    Go Bosco Go. Nothing keeps a good herding dog down.

    I’ve been MIA, but not missing the WOD. I’m working out with a guy in Brentwood who’s got a pretty good garage gym. I hope to make it down to DCF within the next week or two for a good old fashioned ass-whuppin’ CF style.

    Take it easy on Josh, if you kill him, I’ll probably have to answer to my HR department.


  • Craig

    Right on Ward!! Glad to hear you connected close to home- much better. Come by when you can.