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Make sure you tie your shoes tight when performing sled drags (no Joneses were hurt in the process of taking this photo).

Cost for sled rig:

Tire found on side of road = $0

Deer Drag Harness from Cabelas = $9.99 (plus shipping)

Rope = $0




If you are completing this by yourself, you have to use your own row time as the ‘pace car’. Time the row, and use that as your time to complete each round of the other exercises.

This is a team event. While one person rows 500m, the others complete as many reps of the designated exercises as possible. The faster they row, the less time you have to complete the reps. Everyone gets at least 1 chance on the rower.

500m row

Then two rounds each of:

Wall Ball (20lbs, 10′ target)

Ball Slams (20lb ball)

Sit ups

Track your reps for each round, and post totals as well as your row time to comments.

(BONUS: We did this workout at the ‘Shed’ and took a picture of the results, click ‘extended entry’ to see the results)


Hump Day Article:

It has been a while since we had a good “Hump Day” Article, here are two.

Heavy multivitamin use may have link to Prostate Cancer

Recipe For a Good Morning (and more!)

Post thoughts to Comments.

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  • J Jones

    My row time was 1:43 (but I went first).

    Wall ball: 64
    Slam ball: 73
    Sit ups: 158

    Total = 305

    An alternate score is to divide your total reps by the number of seconds in your row. My combined score: 2.96 (a good idea if you are doing this by yourself)

    (An great score would be a total score 350 and a time of 1:30 for a combined score of 3.89)

  • Brian

    JJ, editorial comment follows:

    Tire: $0
    Deer Dragger: $9.99
    Rope: $0

    Price of everybody at the Globogym a block away think your nut case: Priceless.

    Strong work! Brian