070518 Thursday Night “Good Guys and Bad Guys”

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Tonight was something my Drill Instructors would have called ‘highly motivating.’ Good Guys and Bad Guys places teams of two in a chipper routine. There are four exercise stations and you and your partner must complete 100 correct repetitions of the exercise before the team can move to the next station.

Now, you can carve the work up any way you want to. If someone is particularly strong or weak on an element, the partner can do more to help you out. If you wish, you can do an agreed upon number and then switch. I think the best approach is to go all out and when someone slows down, switch immediately.

We had four stations;

Deadlifts at 135lbs.

Box Jumps 20″

GHD Sit-ups

Push Press 26lbs. kettlebells

The Good Guys were Josh and Rick with a winning time of 12.25

The Bad Guys, Matt and Luca were right in there with 14.05

I think this routine is a keeper.

1. You are racing another team as well as the clock.

2. It’s a great motivator to want to help your teammate and really push.

3. A large group of trainers can use a small space without getting in each others way.

4. It’s easy to change exercises on this one and still get a full body workout on this. Just don’t program too many similar upper or lower body movements. You want to spread out the pain.

5. It’s really a fun workout to watch! I was hoping that an odd number of people would show up so I could do this one too!

6. Easy to place bets.

We finished with a clinic on kettlebell snatches and some stretching. A great class and thanks to Craig for special services.

P.S. Our momma and papa kettlebells got busy and had some baby kettlebells. Try them out on your next visit to the Shed!

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  • Matthew Brennan

    Great workout, Brian.

    Liked the collaborative nature, of course having Luca on my team was fantastic.

  • Craig

    Cool one, Brian! I like. More of this to come.