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or, there’s something about Cindy?!


Pull up bar BEFORE picture:

I continue to confuse “Cindy” (5 pullups, 10 pushups & 15 squats) with “Mary”(5 handstand push ups, 10one-legged squats, and 15 pull-ups). Everyone is nice enough to not correct me on-line. But, I noticed my mistake today. Sorry – my bad!

Saturday morning, 0600h, SIX of us showed up at the Shed for a date with Cindy. Personally, this is one of my favorites: its simple, you can do it almost anywhere, the pull-ups are small sets, and 20 minutes kicks your ass.

It was great to be done by 7:00AM with the whole day ahead of us. Thanks for the motivation guys: Jon, Sarah, ‘old’ Josh, Rick and ‘young’ Josh. Some impressive efforts!


as many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

Jon!! 21 rounds.. maybe a DCF record.

And, Rick and Josh: what the hell did you do to our pull-up bar this morning? Next time you visit the Shed, notice the very distinct bend in the middle!!


What’s your power output during a workout? PerformanceMenu.com has created a nice little program that will tell you:

Work & Power Output Calculator

This is a great fitness nutrition site for your favorites list, btw.

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  • Jon

    what a date with mary- i’m paying for it today! who thought sets of 5 pullups would make me so sore today.what a great group of folks to work with- thanks for the push guys, its nice to have a great day. it adds balance to thoes “alright” days. honestly the warmup was a workout for most people (big thanks to craig!)MB tosses for what 200yards? sweet. looking forward to monday.

  • Craig

    I was thinking about this the next day! Wonder if Jon is sore – you did 106 pullups in 20 minutes! Ha. No wonder.

    Good one for tomorrow..