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This morning’s 0600h wod was a team variation of CrossFit’s Nancy wod. Nancy is 5 rounds of 95lb overhead squats x 15reps + 400m run.

The DCF Morning Crew broke up into teams and moved 10,000lbs! Not surprisingly, we had trouble with simple math during the wod (adding up the totals). This is great practice for a real-life emergency – when you have to think clearly under exertion.


– Teams of two must overhead squat 10,000lbs.

– Only one team member may lift at a time.

– Other team member must run 300m (around the building).

At start, one team member completes o/h squats while the other runs 300m. As soon as the running team member arrives from run, the lifting stops (!) and the team members change places. The team is complete when 10,000 lbs lifted has been reached (reps x weight) AND the running team member arrives.

O/H Squat weights are decided before lift begins. Total calculations are the responsibilty of each team.


The Overhead Squat is a beautiful exercise to uncover flaws you may have in your squat technique. Coach explains: OH SQUAT VIDEO

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  • Craig

    Team 1:
    Sarah (45lbs): 30, 20, 15, 15 = 3600lbs
    Jon (95lbs): 20, 15, 15, 15, 3 = 6460lbs
    Team 1 total = 10,060lbs in 14:30

    Team 2:
    Craig (105lbs): 21, 15, 15, 15, 15 = 8505lbs
    Josh (75lbs): 15, 10, 8, 8 = 3075lbs
    Team 2 total = 11,080 in 14:00

    The difference here was simply experience. Watch Coach’s video. I have done a lot of OH Squats and my technique allows for active rest at the top with little exertion. Locked elbows and shoulders are crucial.

  • J Jones

    When did you take that picture? I don’t remember you sitting behind me.