070526 Saturday

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Getting sleep when they can.

We got up early this Saturday morning (0600h!) for a date with “Lynne.”

5 Rounds for max reps of:

Bodyweight bench press

Pull ups

Nice work, Josh, Rick & Sarah!


Being up so early on Saturday led to a discussion on the importance of sleep. I have been reading a lot on this lately, and I urge you to do some research. Sleep is just as important to diet when it comes to fitness performance and strength. For example, growth hormone is released into the body only during deep (stage 4) sleep. In addition, sleep is critical to BRAIN performance. Lack of sleep results in poor decision making, inability to concentrate and retain information, mood swings, irritability and more.

So how much do you need? If you’re an athelete, some coaches say you should be getting as much as 10 hours a day for proper recovery!

Make time for sleep!

Read more: Lack of sleep alters hormones, metabolism

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