070601 Friday “CrossFit Total”

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Sometimes, you don’t have room for collars (Jon Deadlifting 449).


CrossFit Total (hit the link for a full description).

Back squat, 1 rep

Shoulder Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.



I honor of Friday. . .

A drink a day may slow mental decline with age.

Remember that doesn’t mean it is the same when you save up all your drinks for the week and drink them in one night.

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  • J Jones

    Of course the odd weight number is because he is using a mix of metric bumpers, lb bumpers, and a metal plate thrown on the end.

  • Craig

    Tremendous DL, Jon. This is a guy who wrecked his back in a car accident a few years ago. His rehab? Deadlift. It has paid off.

  • J Jones

    DL: 313
    Press: 135
    Squat: 205
    Total: 653

    Held back due to my injured back.

  • Craig

    DL: 357 (too tall…gotta work on this one)
    Squat: 365 (gettting there)
    Press: 165

    Total: 887

    GOAL: 1000+ by 45th Birthday (Dec 15)

  • ultra sarah

    What an animal!! Great picture!! Finally got rid of the halo….’bout time!

  • Jon

    this was the first time i had gone for a 1 RM on presses, & yes its true,i sold my soul for higher DL numbers.all those bumpers make it look like way more weight than 449#.cool.
    craig, im sure you’ll hit 1k by 12/15. you looked strong on all your lifts.

  • CraigH

    6:00 on Sat??

  • Brian

    Fantastic work everyone. Truly well rounded athletes.

    Did this Sunday.
    About two hours of yard work then CrossFit Warm-up followed by:

    Back Squat 280 (always been weak here)
    Press 155 (missed 160 three times)
    Dead-lift 380

    Total 815

    Interesting day. My previous Total was 820 and I felt better. I think I was tired going into this and my back was sore. Cheat meal before it too.

    Good news is I did this at five pounds less bodyweight so dividing…

    820 / 200 = 4.1 (strength to weight ratio)
    815 / 195 = 4.18

    So some good news.

    Craig and Jon need to be training me.

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