070607 Thursday “Taking It Easy”

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Take it easy with Jackie today! Remember when workouts used to be easy? Don’t remember those days? You’ve been CrossFitting a long time then.

Last night we welcomed two new people to the Shed: Jessica and Sean. With all the new folks joining our gym its been challenging to find appropriate workouts for everyone. Now, one of the strengths of CrossFit programming is it’s infinite scalability. We can all do the same workout but say with fewer rounds, less weight, etc. Here is a workout that beginners can try right away; skill helps but is not a necessity.

We did ‘Jackie’ last night, a CrossFit benchmark workout. A benchmark workout is one you do every once in a while to compare your times and see how your improving.

It goes like this:

Row 1,000 meters

45# thrusters 50 reps

Pull ups 30 reps

Once through for time.

Since this is a benchmark you will go all out. This is a race against yourself and others. Several in the class were surprised by what a lively little lady Jackie is. Seems easy, not much weight, you only go through it once. Three people ended up on their backs and we had a visit from Pukie.

The finisher was fifty knees to elbows or best effort.

Rich, Deanna, Jessica, Dan(great coaching on the rower), Nikola, Carrie, and Sean. A great class and expect to see Jackie again in a few weeks time.



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  • J Jones

    A visit from Pukie! Awesome.

  • Craig

    Nice pic, Brian. Waiting for that one to show up again!