070612 Tuesday

A new DCF Class Record! 15 in our Tuesday night crew!

Thank you for your support. We had fun!

George practicing L-Sits after class – a masterful hold.

Tuesday wod (for time and score):

Run 300m, while teammates complete:

– Kettlebell Swing

– Ring Dips

– Situps

Teams of 5, while one teammate runs ’round the building, remaining team members must complete as many repetitions of one of the above exercises. Rotate execises as each team member runs. Wod is complete when all team members have run 300′ and all exercises. Count all repetitions.

Winning team determined by total reps divided by total time. Highest score wins. 1 Ring Dip = 3 Jumping Ring Dips.

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  • Craig

    Team 1 – Rick, Jorgy, George, Dave, Annie: 529 reps / 5’20” = 1.653

    Team 2 – Carly, Dan, Elliot, Rob, Mike: 489 / 5’30 = 1.48

    Team 3 – Annie, Grant, Nate, Sean, Matt: 562(!) / 5’40 = 1.652

    TEAM 1, by .001!! Nice job all. Fun wod.

  • Ward

    Dang… 15 people. That makes those mornings when it was me, Craig and the dogs a little pitiful.

    Congrats on the influx of new meat.


  • Craig

    Thanks man… I remember those mornings fondly. You helped get it started brother.

    You guys better be knockin’ it out in Brentwood.

  • Ward

    Things are going good in Brentwood. We’re slowly picking up more equipment (nice new bumpers and pendalay bar) and we’re following the mother ship schedule of 3 on 1 off with WOD from the site.

    Ian and I are going to try to get into a cert within the next 6-9 months and we’re already thinking about a box.

    This shit is addictive I tell you. Hope Bosco is feeling better, maybe I can get down there for one of my “Off” days soon.


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